Monday, February 25, 2008

Fashion Finds in Cebu: Be Stylish for Less



Here in Cebu City, there are a lot of new fashion boutiques to go to.
The malls here have been expanding and opening their annexes and
giving Manila-based clothing stores access to Cebu's fashionistas.

Anyway, summer is coming and professional fashion designers have been
saying that the color for this summer has a light palette. Summer is
hot, so wearing thick blouses and pants are a big no-no, except maybe
for night parties that you may attend.

The Summer Look
Light colors such as pink, yellow, blue, green and orange are in for
this summer. (Still do not forget to do the mix and match of your
clothes okay?) SM Department Store has their new arrivals trends of
fashion for the summer:

Pink spaghetti strap P399
Diva Dolls
Pink Skinny Pants P499.75
Available at SM Department Store
Before we hit the summer let's talk about the last days that you will
spend as a senior in high school.
Prom Look
I am sure that you want your promenade to be perfect. Buying expensive
gowns is not the answer for that. You can still buy a gown that fits
your budget. Remember that you'll have to spend for your coming
graduation day or closing party in school.
Short Prom Dress is mostly displayed in the boutiques.
July boutique that has two branches Ayala Center Cebu and newly opened
at SM City Cebu 2nd Level. Here, where you can find variety of trends
such as casual, dress, formal, party dress, also accessories, bags and
Graduation / Grad Ball Look
The sweet-bitter affair of the year, your grad day! At last you're
going to enter the college life. There are dress codes that the admin
told us what we are going to wear for the Grad Day, but of course,
this is not their day this is your moment so, why not mix some new
fresh trend to your Graduation attire at least you will not look dry
with your plain white dress.
Buy a gown that will fit for your graduation ceremony (anyway, you'll
be wearing a graduation gown so your outfit will not going to expose)
and for your Graduation ball. Be practical, just buy a gown that you
can ramp for your Graduation Ball. There are some who will wear a
different attire from their Graduation Ceremony to Graduation Ball.
Uh-oh... it is okay if you will change and wear a dress that you
already have in the closet. But if you will buy a dress just for the
Ball, well that's impractical. Waste of money.

59th Street boutique is located at SM City Cebu 2nd Level
This tube short dress that can be accessorized with a bling-bling
silver necklace that fits for the party and it fits in your budget. It
costs P895.00.
Casual Look
This summer, girls prefer wearing short shorts and loose blouse then
flip flops on our feet. This is some of the casual attire:
At 59th Street this is where you can find affordable casual attire for
your everyday wardrobe (i.e. in office, in school, or in a call

The shorts knee level costs P699.00 black.
More on the casual look, it is because summer is coming, you can't
wear black, red, or any color that will absorb the heat in your body.
These are the casual looks that you can wear this summer:

Wearing tropical colors will make you feel cool and not attracted by
the heat of the sun. Loose blouses are also great to pair with your
pants. Skirts and short shorts are in. Short dresses that come in
different abstract designs are nice outfist for parties. Guys are
definitely cool to look at in tropical colors for this summer,
preferably color green.
Visit July boutique for more
Ayala Center Cebu Ground Floor and
SM City Cebu 2nd Level besides Silicon Valley

The Space
This is located at the SM Northwing. This is one of the new clothing
lines from Manila that branched out here in Cebu City. From the first
day of the boutique, many Cebuanas fell in love with those fresh
trends in casual fashion that they offer.


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